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"I recently hired CT Remodeling to do some work at my 30 year old home. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that Troy and his team demonstrated throughout the entire process. Even from the get-go and initially working directly with Sheryl was very impressive. It is quite obvious that the team loves what they do and has a passion for excellent workmanship and craftsmanship. The work done in my home consisted of removing the 30-year old popcorn from the ceilings, repainting the ceilings, trim and walls in 3 bedrooms. Included with that, there was a massive stairwell that needed to have the popcorn removed, sanded and repainted. Clean up was a breeze and the guys ensured that everything was properly covered and protected. In addition, new hardware was installed on the bedroom, bath and closet doors to include installation of deadbolts on three exterior doors. Again, very professional. Excellent work done by the CT Remodeling team. I highly recommend this company to beautify your home as they did mine with their fine workmanship. Thank you CT Remodeling!"

- Lisa Parker

Thank you so much for the amazing review, Lisa. It was truly a pleasure working for you. And we DO love what we do!

Check out more of our reviews at the CT Remodeling website here.

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