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Customized Man Cave and Ma’am Cave Construction Services in Connecticut to Give You Quality "Me-Time."


CT Remodeling’s customized man cave and ma’am cave construction services in Connecticut can give your home the ideal sanctuary where you can chill out and recharge your batteries.

If you’ve always dreamt of having a space to relax and just do your own thing away from the stresses of family life, our man cave and ma’am cave contractors can create an ideal, stylish refuge for you.

We believe everyone should have their own place in the house to spend quality time doing their favorite things, and our specialist man cave and ma’am cave designers and builders give you the chance to do just that.


Benefits of a Man Cave 

Our professional Connecticut man cave construction services can provide you with your own space to unwind after a long day.

One of the key benefits of a man cave is that you can fill it with features that may otherwise clutter up family rooms, such as:

• A cool bar with a countertop liquor dispenser

• Souped-up sound systems

• Extensive home cinema center

• Luxury recliners

Technology figures high on the wish list of many of our man cave customers, and we can create the perfect room that’s sure to impress your friends with customized space for gadgets such as:

• Home automation devices

• Smart speakers

• Home video game center

• Smart lighting to create the right atmosphere

We can adapt your man cave construction, so it reflects your personal tastes and allows you to create a themed space such as a sports bar or games room.


Benefits of a Ma’am Cave 

CT Remodeling’s customized ma’am cave construction services in Connecticut typically focus more on aesthetics and relaxation – creating a restful space where you can take a well-earned break.

Our ma’am cave customers often want a tastefully-decorated private oasis with the opportunity to:

• Binge-watch favorite films or TV shows

• Settle down with a good book

• Relax on comfortable furniture

Because the concept of ma’am caves (aka she sheds, girl caves, and diva dens) is newer than the man cave ethos, here are a few ideas that might give you some ma’am cave inspiration.


What’s the Best Location for a Man Cave or Ma’am Cave?

The best spot for your man cave or ma’am cave depends on available space in your house, but in many cases, the basement provides the perfect location.

Basements are typically large areas, allowing you to partition your man cave or ma’am cave into different zones for various activities. 

Converting your basement into a living space such as a man cave or ma’am cave could also bring you financial benefits. Remodeling


Magazine says a basement upgrade is the top home remodeling project to hold value when it comes to creating more living space. 

If you don’t have a basement or you already use your basement for other purposes, you may be able to site your man cave or ma’am cave in a place such as:

• Your garage

• The attic

• Any unused space, such as a spare bedroom


Creating the Man Cave or Ma’am Cave of Your Dreams

CT Remodeling has all the resources you need to create your ideal man cave or ma’am cave, including:

• Expert interior remodelers

• Professional painting services

Floor installation specialists

With quality remodeling services like these, our man cave and ma’am cave constructions achieve superior results, with multiple advantages, including:

• Quality materials and craftsmanship

• Technical expertise and experience, combined with creative flair

• Attention to detail

• Adding value to your home

• Advice on design style options

• Help with spreading the cost of your man cave or ma’am cave


Areas We Serve

Our man cave and ma’am cave construction services are available across Windham County, Tolland County and Middlesex County, including the towns of:

• Andover

• Bolton

• Columbia

• Coventry

• Ellington

• Glastonbury

• Mansfield

• West Hartford

• Somers

• Suffield


Please call us on 860-849-1278 or use our contact page to request a free quote and find out more about how our customized man cave and ma’am cave construction services in Connecticut can give you the stress-free home haven you deserve. 



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