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Expert Hardwood Floor Contractors in Connecticut Who Can Add a Touch of Elegance and Warmth to Your Home


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Our Connecticut hardwood floor installation and maintenance contractors can give you hard-wearing new flooring with a timeless aesthetic appeal or restore your existing hardwood floor to its original pristine condition.


CT Remodeling’s specialist hardwood floor services are provided by craftsmen who take pride in their work. This means you’ll be able to make the most of the multiple advantages that come with a professionally laid or refurbished hardwood floor.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or a more contemporary appearance, our hardwood floor installation and maintenance contractors can add a touch of elegance and a feel of warmth to any home. 


Advantages of Installing a Hardwood Floor

CT Remodeling’s Connecticut hardwood floor installation contractors can give you the perfect classic, sophisticated look and feel that only quality wooden flooring can achieve.

You’ll also find that your new flooring has a high level of durability and is easy to look after, which makes hardwood floors a particularly popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms and decks, and mancaves.

Hardwood floors can also make your living space look more substantial and more inviting, and are sure to impress your guests.

Key advantages of installing a hardwood floor include:

  • A long-lasting flooring solution – hardwood floors can last for decades with minimal care.

  • Low maintenance – you just sweep, vacuum or steam-clean your hardwood floor to remove debris and dirt.

  • Adding value to your home – if you sell your home, you should find that hardwood floors are a popular feature among home-buyers, especially compared with carpets.

  • Versatility – our hardwood floor installation contractors can adapt your flooring to complement many different interior design themes, with a broad range of hardwood types, graining, and shades.


Are Hardwood Floors a Good Investment?

The initial outlay for a hardwood floor may be higher than that for other flooring options, but it can be a sound long-term investment in your home.

With minor maintenance, hardwood floors are less susceptible to damage. This reduces cleaning and repair costs over the years.

Hardwood floors are also so durable that they can last for generations – a lasting legacy if you want to pass your home onto family members.


Hardwood Floors Vs. Carpets and Tiled Flooring

Unlike carpet fibers, hardwood floors improve the air quality of your home’s interior because they won’t trap dust, pet fur, pollen, or other allergens. In fact, hardwood floors are a must for many allergy sufferers and people with lung issues.

The color of carpets may fade over time, and carpeting is vulnerable to spills and stains that can be difficult to remove. You won’t get problems like these with hardwood flooring, which is easy to clean and renowned for its enduring appearance.

Grout lines in tile floors can also attract dust and other allergens and can be challenging to keep clean.

When carpets have seen better days, or you want to change the color scheme of a tiled floor, in many cases, the best decision is to replace them. On the other hand, hardwood floors can be refinished – a far less costly option compared with replacement flooring.


Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Although highly durable compared with other flooring options, hardwood floors can still show signs of everyday wear and tear from heavy foot traffic over time.

If your floor has developed blemishes such as scuffs and scratches, our Connecticut hardwood floor maintenance services can refinish your hardwood floor and restore it to its former glory at significantly less cost than installing new flooring. 

This also allows you to dramatically transform the appearance of your home without breaking the bank. 

Or maybe you’ve just bought a house and like the hardwood floors except for the color. CT Remodeling’s hardwood flooring specialists can sand off the existing color and use premium quality wood stain to help give your home a brand-new look. 

Our hardwood floor maintenance contractors can also fix problems such as:

  • Patches – often a practical solution when moving furniture around reveals marks or holes in your hardwood floor.

  • Damaged floorboards – replacement boards can frequently save the expense of installing an entire new floor.

  • Water damage – our hardwood floor refinishing water damage repair experts can address issues such as warping and buckling of your floor due to water leakage or flooding.


Why Choose Our Connecticut Hardwood Floor Contractors?

The natural, ageless appeal of a hardwood floor is hard to beat. If you’re thinking about upgrading your flooring, our one-stop hardwood flooring solutions can give you many benefits, including:

  • Durability.

  • Increasing the value of your home.

  • Easy maintenance. 

  • Introducing a sense of permanence, warmth, and character to your home interior.

If you’re already enjoying the advantages of hardwood flooring, but want to spruce it up, or it needs a little TLC, our Connecticut hardwood floor maintenance contractors can make your floor look as good as new.

CT Remodeling has been installing and refinishing hardwood floors across Middlesex County, Windham County, and Tolland County for 20 years, earning a reputation for:

  • Quality craftsmanship.

  • Technical expertise.

  • Finishing the job on time, with minimum inconvenience.

  • Top hardwood flooring brands.

  • Help with budgeting for new hardwood flooring – with monthly payment options to spread the cost.


Communities We Serve

Our Connecticut hardwood floor installation and maintenance contractors have countless satisfied customers among multiple communities, including the towns of:

  • Andover

  • Bolton

  • Columbia

  • Coventry

  • Ellington

  • Glastonbury

  • Mansfield

  • West Hartford

  • Somers

  • Suffield

Please call us on 860-849-1278 or use our contact page to request a free quote and find out more about how our Connecticut hardwood flooring experts can add a touch of sophisticated, timeless allure to your home. 



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