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Feel So Blessed

"After they finished our 2 bathrooms, an unfortunate flood ended up ruining our finished basement and they were obviously our "go-to" guys. We need the laundry room/full bath combo completely redone and our kitchenette. Troy came over to be with me while the insurance inspector was here and he helped so much; don't know what I would have done without him! Machi and the team were here the other day doing demo and he, again, went that extra mile and decided to investigate our dryer hookup while he was in there and found a huge hazard that would have shortly caused a house fire; we had no idea. The guys have truly been our angels and we feel so blessed to have dependable, affordable, honest workers on our side. This basement is still in the works, but we already have them planning for our mudroom remodel, master bedroom closet, and a portico in the future. They really do everything. Thanks guys!" - Bethany Shears

Thank you so much for the amazing review, Bethany. It was truly a pleasure working for you. And we DO love what we do!

Check out more of our reviews at the CT Remodeling website here.

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