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Drive to Katt's , taking care not to run over the Pizza Boy parked next to it. From here, climb on the roof and break the padlock on the door. Once inside the building, kill the three henchmen inside and the guards outside the doors. If you head down the stairs and break the padlock on the door to the back room, you will end up in a fight with the Piranha (For this, you'll need a banana boat and the mission's optional weaponry). When the Piranha has been defeated, exit the building and notice that one of the Pizza Boys is still running around outside. Continue driving around the hotel until you find a parking lot with a Pizza Boy in it. Get out of the boat and enter the building and go up the stairs. Once inside, climb the walls and break the padlock on the back door. After opening the door, take the elevator up to the second floor where the deal is going down. On this floor, there is an out of place MP 10 in a phone booth and a third enemy within, called the Slick (this enemy has a Bouncer shield). Kill the two enemies inside and the guards outside the door. If you get the M1911A1, the Slick won't have a shield and you can kill him easy as hell. After killing the Slick, exit the building and drive to the last mission. For this mission, you'll need a new vehicle, such as the Police Interceptor and the Police Calloway, or a Fire Truck. The Fire Truck and the Police Calloway are only found in the mission, while the Police Interceptor can be found on the streets around Vice City. Drive to the location marked on the map and get into your vehicle. From here, follow the map to one of the two designated locations where the dealer is located. When the designated location is reached, the dealer will begin to load up on guns, which you can steal and sell for a profit. After he is done, the mission is completed. Meet the Dealer – The dealer is a man named Abel. If you steal an AK-47 from him, you can sell it to the dealer for $30 and a 10% commission. This is the best and most profitable weapon to steal and sell, so you should make sure you have a machine gun at this point. After that, you can steal a Mini-Gun from him for $3 and a 5% commission.




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Download Pizza Gta Vice Cityl nedmal

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